About company
Company facts:

Export: 10-50 Million EUR
Employees: 50 - 249
Year of establishment: 1994

The company belongs to the Baltic Pack Group, the members of which are the following:
• UAB Baltic Pack - Lithuania. Established in 1994. Office, warehouse and production plant are located in Kaunas.
• SIA Baltic Pack
- Latvia. Established in 1997. Office and warehouse are located in Riga.

• AS Baltic Pack - Estonia. Established in 1998. Office and warehouse are located in Pärnu.

Activity: food packaging materials, services, equipment, food packaging technologies, additives for food and beverages.


1. Vacuum bags without printing and printed by 8 colors, could be of PA / PE, PET / PE, OPA / PE, PET / PE / EVOH / PE materials.

2. Shrink bags for meat industry of the 11 layers co-extruded material with especially high mechanical resistance to punctures and sealability through wrinkles overlapping. Up to 6 colors printing.

3. Bags of CPP, LDPE, BOPP with (up to 8 colors) flexographic printing for bread and pastry, fresh salads, fruit and vegetables.

4. Paper bags are made from white and brown paper (in different grammage) with the inserted microperforated polypropylene window for packing bakery and confectionery products.

Paper bags made of white paper (in different grammage), covered with fat proof layer and intended for meat and fish products and semi-finished packaging.

Export: Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Czech Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Finland, Ireland.

Retail: packaging materials for thermoforming equipment and “flow pack” wrapping machines, PP, EPS and aluminum packaging containers, nets and raschel bags for vegetables, spices and additives for the meat and fish industry, cultures and bio-protective cultures for the dairy industry, aromas for food and beverage industry, packaging equipment, technological equipment for the food industry.

Certificates: Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate 25/01/2013 No. 13-01, Creditinfo certificate “Strongest in Lithuania – 2013”

Membership: Member of Lithuanian Packaging Association

Exhibitions: AgroProdMash Moscow 2011-2013, WorldFood Kazakhstan 2012, WorldFood Uzbekistan 2012, Ingredients Moscow 2014

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